Dispute Resolution Experts

Global Resolutions is a Canadian-based provider of dispute resolution services with its offices in Toronto.
Our panel members have a wealth of experience in a wide range of subject matters,
specializing in providing effective and efficient dispute resolution.

Virtual Mediation + Arbitration

In addition to in-person mediation and arbitration services, we offer virtual mediation and arbitration services through video conferencing platforms Zoom and Cisco Webex.

Tim Buckley

Russ Howe

Rudolph Lobl Q.C.

Richard Horak

Paul Trudell

Richard F. L. Rose Q.C.

Jamie Dunbar

Kathleen Urdahl

Paul Torrie

Fred Webber

Gord Kirke

James Minns

Elizabeth Cummins Seto

Christine Fotopoulos

Diane McDowell

Albert Conforzi


Global Resolutions offers a continuing professional development seminar on Mediation Advocacy and Ethics which is accredited the by Law Society of Ontario.

Negotiator’s Edge

Negotiator’s Edge is a newsletter on the science and art of negotiating. We share the latest developments in the field of negotiation science together with observation and insights from our panel members and deliver nuggets of wisdom from the esteemed panel at Global. Combining cutting edge research with decades of “in the trenches” experience, we’ll offer practical tools to make you a better negotiator.

National Recognition

Global Resolutions is pleased to be recognized for its commitment to excellence.