For those disputes not amenable to a mediated settlement, Global Resolutions offers effective, efficient and neutral alternatives to court proceedings through its arbitration services.

For the arbitration process to be effective and efficient, it must be coordinated in a timely and consistent manner. From the initial request to arbitrate, Global ensures that the process leading up to the arbitration provides the necessary structure to be both effective and efficient through the provision of a number of services, including setting up a pre-arbitration conference; preparing of the arbitration agreement between the parties; assisting in the provision of preliminary rulings, if required; venue selection and coordination; and the facilitation of the full exchange of documentation.

At the arbitration itself, Global is committed to providing adjudication that is neutral as well as learned and experienced. All decisions are rendered in a timely manner.

As with all ADR processes, Global encourages the parties to agree between themselves on process and procedures that are best suited to resolving their dispute. As with mediation, arbitration can also offer a number of alternative processes that Global can assist the parties in exploring in order to arrive at a process that's acceptable to all.

For a listing of our arbitrators, please visit our Panel Members page.