To every dispute there is a reasoned resolution. This simple axiom sums up the dispute resolution philosophy of Global Resolutions. We believe that the most effective and efficient way to mediate a dispute is to follow the interest-based model of mediation. In this model, the role of the mediator is to guide the parties to a resolution identifying each party’s interest. At the same time, the mediator must ensure that the parties remain in control of the outcome. To achieve this, the mediator must remain neutral.

Most mediations proceed on two levels. On the first level is the substance of the matter at hand. On the second level is the relationship between the parties. A mediation that is focused only on substance, but ignores the relationship of the parties, will not be successful. Global's mediators conduct their mediations with full awareness of this reality.

Global conducts all its mediations with a clear understanding that all the parties come to the mediation table to achieve closure in the context of a fair and equitable resolution. For a listing of mediation experts in Toronto, please visit our Panel Members page.